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Owner: Deon van Zyl says:


“I had a love for chickens since the day I can remember.  I have been breeding and raising chickens for the past 25 years and it is my passion.”


At the Happy Hen’s chicken coop, we believe in a personal hands-on approach to the raising of our Happy Hens. We make sure that we are constantly involved with every process from the day old chick to the time it leaves our coop and becomes part of your’s.




Why Buy Happy Hen’s Day-old’s and Pullets?

Only The Best Genetics

The Lohmann Brown are a breed raised specifically for egg-laying productivity. It is of crossbreed origin, bred from New Hampshires and other brown-egg-laying breeds. They lay at about 18 weeks, producing up to 300 eggs per year.

Prompt Delivery and Service

We are based in the North West and do deliveries countrywide by road transport or air-freight. Because we are centrally located we can handle nationwide deliveries. Our customers always return to us for excellent product and service.

Quality Chicks and Pullets

We believe in housing our chickens in the best facilities, making sure they have the best bedding and feeding them only top grade food. Our chickens are vaccinated and are placed in sterile and rested facilities.

Happy From the Hatchery . . .

Happy From the Hatchery . . .

Happy on their Road Trip . . .

Happy on their Road Trip . . .

Delivery with care and attention straight to your Chicken Coop!


We will delivery your happy chicks to you wherever you are based on quote and prior arrangement:


  • The transport of day old chicks from hatchery to their destination is critical to  their future performance. Hatcheries operate in a controlled environment, while transport entails the risk of exposing the chicks to uncontrolled, outdoor conditions. The chicks must be protected from unpredictable changes to their climate, varying road conditions, traffic jams and other delays, or their performance is directly impaired.


  • Your day-old’s are kept in a controlled environment during delivery and handled with extreme care at all times ensuring that your chicks reach their destination in a very happy state.


  • Day old chicks are naturally well equipped for transport. Born with a residual yolk, they are comfortable without feed and water for up to two days – providing that temperature inside the chick boxes is kept within their thermoneutral zone. Within this narrow temperature range of 32 – 35 °C, the chick’s metabolism is just at maintenance level with minimal heat production and water loss.


How to Place an Order?

Contact Deon at or phone 071 268 0279 or go to the orders page and place your order for your Day-olds or pullets.

How is your order processed?

We will issue you with an invoice, send the invoice to you and upon verifying your payment, we will then make arrangements for delivery.

How do I make payment?

Currently you can only deposit funds via EFT or direct cash bank deposit.

When does delivery take place?

Deliveries are done every Friday, however should your order be urgent, we may be able to negotiate a delivery on another day.

To Happy in the Coop!

To Happy in the Coop!

You Can Connect With Deon at Anytime!!!

Remember, no order is too big or too small. Please contact me and I will see to it that you receive your happy chicks on time every time!